Mr. YU Xiang

Gas Application Manager, Technical Application in Electronic Packaging and Assembly
Air Products and Chemicals (China) Investment Co Ltd, China

Xiang Yu is a gas application manager for the electronic industry of Air Products and Chemicals (China) Investment Co., Ltd. He is responsible for the application technology development and operation in support of the advanced silicon and assembly process technology development as well as the manufacturing and product fault diagnostics. He works with the industry to drive synergistic collaboration and development to advance process and diagnostic capability for the semiconductor industry. Xiang holds three patents, primarily in the field of advanced IC packaging technology development engineering, and has successfully developed WLCSP and POP product use for cell phone chip processer, fan-out product for SSD controller and the side wall which is high band width and high capacity product for NAND-flash.

Xiang is a partner in the development of the novel flux-free technology that is introduced in the paper. This technology has a good potential to be widely used for electronics packaging and has received increasing interests from key customers. In the presentation, Xiang is going to introduce a recent work by a joint effort between Air Products and Sikama on developing and testing a production-scale unit for the novel flux-free technology for wafer bump reflow.

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