Mr. YONG Wae Chet

Director Package Development
Infineon Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

In June 2004, Yong Wae Chet was appointed as Development Engineer for Power Packaging Products. Technologies handled were Power MOSFET Package Concepts. Further developed career from Technical Ladder Principal in Power Packaging to Director of Power Packaging Development handling similar technologies since 2016.

Beginning 2001, Yong started his career path at Vishay Technologies handling development of Sensors and Optocoupler packages. He transferred the manufacturing line from OSRAM Penang to Melaka Plant as part of the business agreement between OSRAM-INFINEON-VISHAY. After a short stint in Texas Instruments KL handing QFN Package Development, Yong continued his development field of expertise in Infineon Technologies year 2004 onwards. Since then, he has developed some new packages from Leaded Power, to Leadless Power. During the course of the development career, Yong generated 11 patents (filed/ granted) and several technical papers in Power Packaging Development.

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