Dr. Takenori FUJIWARA

Research Associate
Toray Industries Inc, Japan

Dr. Takenori Fujiwara has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry.

The bulk of his career has been centered on materials R&D for use in microelectronics, optics and display technologies, spanning a variety of senior technology.

He is familiar with high heat resistance polymers (polyimides and spin on glass (SOG)) and other various materials. He has spent time developing incubation technologies in consortium as follows:

1. TPEC (Tsukuba Power Electronics Constellations) in Japan: 500oC heat resistance photoresist for high heat ion implantation for SiC.

2. IME (Institute of Microelectronics) in Singapore: FOWLP and 3DIC materials which are RDL dielectric, Temporary bonding de-bonding materials and Non-conductive film.

He has published numerous advanced semiconductor material papers and holds various patents for the materials and ancillary development work. He is a team builder who combines strong business and technical acumen with excellent relationship skills. He holds a PhD in material engineering from Nagoya University.

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