Dr. Allen GU

Staff Development Engineer
ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, USA

Allen Gu spent his past over 17 years in a variety of microscopy technologies with a focus on micro/nanoscale imaging and analysis. He joined ZEISS X-ray Microscopy (formerly Xradia) in 2010 and played a leading role in the application development of world’s most advanced 3D X-ray microscopy. Now the non-destructive technology that he helped to develop is a widely recognized brand for semiconductor package failure analysis. Recently, his work has been focused on driving the ZEISS product strategic roadmap for electronics market and developing new quantifiable near-line solutions for better quality control and assurance in package production. Now he looks for re-introducing and re-assembling most advanced 3D metrology techniques to semiconductor packaging industry.

Prior to his ZEISS career, Allen was a Senior Scientist and Applications Manager for scanning probe microscopy technology in Pacific Nanotechnology and Agilent, where he helped develop and market the technology for nano imaging and analysis.

Allen’s passion has been in material microstructural analysis and measurement since his Ph.D. thesis work. He studied a molecular self-assembly method to fabricate electrically conductive and magnetic nanowires and other nanostructures. Allen Gu was awarded Ph.D. degree by Louisiana Tech University, USA. He has authored 50+ articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapter and conferences.

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