SMT Assembly Process - 2 DAY WORKSHOP [DAY 2]

MY 1-4 | Level 1A | MITEC Tuesday, May 07
9:00am to 5:00pm
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The course introduces SMT process and back-end assembly with understanding of the terminologies in SMT with acquisition of SMT materials and equipment. Introduction to the industry standard used which is IPC, JDEC and MSL and SMT defect process trouble-shooting guides would be taught in the class well.

What You Will Learn

  • SMT process flow
  • Stencil design
  • Solder paste printing
  • Pick and place
  • Reflow soldering
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • SMT process defects and remedies

Course Content For Day 2

5. Reflow Soldering

Types of reflow soldering ovens

  • Forced convection, IR and vapor phase reflow ovens, 5-12 zones ovens pros and cons

The 4 components of the reflow profile

  • Preheat, soak, reflow, cool process, specs and solder joint defects related to profile (pop-corn, grainy joint, cold solder)

Profiling methd the key consideration

  • Types of reflow profile, i.e. linear, flat top or conventional ramp, soak, spike.

6. Printed Circuit Board Process Manufacturing

Types of PCB

  • CEM1, CEM2, FR4, BT substrate

Types of PCB plating

  • ENIG, electroplating, copper plating, HASL, ENTEC

Plating thickness measurement

  • XRF principles and measurement of plating thickness

7. PCBA Rework Methodology

  • Type of BGA, IC Rework machine and nozzles
  • Methodology of BGA Rework
  • Profile for rework

8. PCBA Cleaning

  • Types of chemicals used in cleaning PCBA (solvent, aqueous and DI Water)
  • Types of cleaning machine(ultrasonic, centrifuge, spray jet etc.)
  • Cleanliness check using contact angle, bond pull, high mag, etc.

9. SMT Process Defects and Remedies

  • Identifying the typical SMT defects related to the 6M i.e. Man, Machine, Methods, Materials, Mother nature (environment) and measurement.
  • Remedial and correction of the above defects together with process optimization.


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