Semiconductor Industry VIP Roundtable 2018 by National Instruments

TECHArena Stage (Within Exhibition Halls), MITEC Wednesday, May 23
11:30am to 5:00pm
By Invitation


Admission: By Invitation and Referral only

National Instruments serves over 30,000 companies annually and is uniquely positioned to acquire critical insights on industry trends, as engineers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with new technologies and trends like the IoT and technologies like 5G impacting industry after industry.

In conjunction with SEMICON SEA 2018, The 2018 Semiconductor Test Regional VIP Roundtable, a closed-door, invitation only event for leading manufacturers and service providers in the semiconductor industry will provide delegates with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, new technologies and innovative application approaches for semiconductor test.

The event is primarily for Test Directors, VPs and Senior Test Managers.

During the roundtable, presentation from experts include:

  • An update on Semiconductor Market Outlook focusing on Fab Ivestments, Equipment and Materials Forecasts
  • Perspectives & Approaches in the Current Semiconductor Test Industry
  • Spotlights on Technology an Searchlights for Future Opportunities in Semiconductor
  • Obsolescence Mitigation on the Way to Reach Higher Test Throughput
  • Tomorrow's Wireless - How 5G and the IoT is Shaping the Future
  • The Future of a Tester Evolution

Why you should attend?

  • Get updated on semiconductor industry trends with exclusive presentations from Industry Analysts
  • Hear on how the Internet of Things is shaping the future of wireless
  • Explore how your test engineering team can achieve 10X improvement in test times while maintaining measurement and performance requirements.
  • Learn about the latest technologies for semiconductor test applications, from characterization to production and the impact they can have on your bottom line and the competitive landscape
  • Network with peers from all facets of the semiconductor industry; analysts, engineering managers, services and solutions providers.

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