Interactive Experience at World of IoT

Main Concourse, Level 1, MITEC Thursday, May 24
10:00am to 4:00pm
Free by Registration

In line with SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018’s theme Think Smart, Make Smart, this Interactive Experience features present and near-futuristic consumer technologies enabled through semiconductor innovations. The smart living and smart urban brings the concept of autonomous vehicle, smart AI devices, virtual realities and many more, up front and center to visitors to the World of IoT. These are few of the many state-of-the-art products made possible with the advancement made in semiconductor technology over the years.

On top of that, the World of IoT pavilion also serves as a platform for tech start-ups to demonstrate pioneering and disruptive products in the domain of hardware and applications software in the era of IoT! 

Make a date with the Future! See you at World of IoT.


Participating Companies:



Name Short Introduction Images Kiosk Number

aCAT is a community of startup entrepreneurs, creatives and techies in Penang and beyond. We are a collaborative co-working space and we offer mentorship,incubation, workshops, events, networking and corporate innovation labs.

Located at the heart of George Town, Penang, we aspire to help businesses transcend success toward building a sustainable tech startup ecosystem in Penang. Supported by Penang State Government via Invest Penang and run by the community for the community, aCAT is a place where we thrive on creativity and innovation.


AIRA TECH is the JAVA based Artificial Intelligence (A.I) startup which providing enterprise solution to advancing the industries in all over Malaysia. As experts in A.I technology, we are dedicated to bringing nascent stage industry into an advanced stage of development in South-East Asia where aligned with the aim of gathering more A.I enthusiasts in our community.

Expedio Design is a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We create compelling experiences through great products and services that bring real value to people's lives.
 Since the inception of our studio in 2010, Expedio has been blessed with clients from a diverse spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, medical, fitness, agriculture, automotive and more. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of creating lasting collaborative partnerships with individual entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s, global corporations and everything in between.
Ifcon Technology Sdn Bhd was initially founded to provide IT and Multimedia solutions in Malaysia. With the growing demand in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, Ifcon Technology took the opportunity to venture into this new sector and provide UAV services for civil applications. To date, Ifcon Technology own’s more than 10 UAVs, providing UAV services for numerous industries such as constructions, oil & gas, agriculture, mining, telecommunication and many more. We take the initiatives in developing our home-grown, in-house UAV’s with the aim for commercialization and to become a key global UAV player. Our core competencies besides UAV include Web and Block Chain development services covering multiple and diverse industries. ST03/ST04
We are building the future of aerial data collection & analysis in Malaysia. Poladrone is at the forefront of advancing Malaysian industries with drone technology. As experts in drone technology, our mission is to solve industrial problems using aerial data and improve efficiencies at scale to create a sustainable future. ST06
REKA is an R&D Company from Malaysia that specializes in multiple disciplines under Artificial Intelligence focusing on Computer Vision, IoT and Machine Learning. We comprises of 23 different individuals, now growing, with different background and talents to create disruptive technologies. REKA aims to empower technology and to enable people to build their own technology. ST01
Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia launched the MyCOMS project in year 2017 to implement green technology within the UPM campus through innovative transportation system using electric cars.  This project is realized with the sponsorship of 3 Toyota Chotto Odekake Machimade Suisu (COMS) car which means 'smooth, short rides into town' from Toyota Auto Body Japan. The MyCOMS project is a shared-basis transportation facility between UPM staff and students. Currently, the route of these EVs cars is restricted within UPM campus where the usage of these cars not only produce less carbon footprint to the environment but also save a lot of parking space. Two charging stations are provided at Faculty of Engineering and Administrative Building, UPM. A car monitoring system has been developed, allowing users to book the vehicle online as well as to monitor the movement and location of the MyCOMS vehicles. MyCOMS was an initiative taken to further support and strengthen UPM’s green campus aspiration to reduce carbon emission in the campus while providing environmentally friendly transportation. ST02


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