Impact of Stencil Quality on Solder Paste Printing Performance

Tuesday, May 22
3:30pm to 4:00pm

The growth of internet of thing (IOT) segment has induced much miniaturization development on the packaging and board level assembly. As the industry are moving to smaller and finer pitch such as 008004 , 0.3mm CSP and BGA, screen printing becomes one of the critical processes in the assembly to produce good quality surface mount assembly. It has been widely accepted that 50-70% of SMT defect come from printing application. There are a lot of variable that will impact the quality of printing such as machine set up, solder paste handling & storages, stencil quality, stencil aperture design, printing parameter and others. In this paper, we will evaluate the impact of stencil quality statistically through MiniTab software by comparison printing performance of different stencil supplier in 0.35mm pitch and 01005 pads.

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