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Gremax Holdings Sdn Bhd

Vololights - Accelerometer Based Indication alerts following drivers to your slowing whether engine breaking, downshifting, or using the brake levers.

Brake lights weren’t designed with motorcycles in mind. 

Today’s automotive brake were developed with four wheel vehicles in mind, and unfortunately motorcycles and cars do not decelerate the same way. Cars coast when throttle is released while motorcycles decelerate rapidly. In addition, drivers are less likely to engine brake in cars. Volo Lights addressed this by measuring actual deceleration rather than relying solely on a brake signal from the pedal or hand brake. Taking into consideration that a one second delay in braking reaction time translates to a length of 6 cars when traveling at 60 mph, Volo Lights is able to alert drivers to slowing motorcycles much sooner.

Brake signals are not perceptible

Motorcycles are smaller and less conspicuous. Drivers perceive deceleration by the relative size of the object. As the object appears larger drivers sense that the distance is closing. Motorcycle deceleration is more difficult to discern because they are smaller than cars and because the driver is seeing past the motorcycle itself to the vehicle ahead. We addressed this by flashing light at different frequencies to provide perceptible deceleration information.



Alivio Technologies Sdn Bhd

Praxis IoT Platform

Our Praxis IoT Platform offers end-to-end connected device solution with simple management console, enables discovery of available devices and sensors in a network environment through specific agents and defined protocol, and leverages registered device by visualizing data on a real-time dashboard and enabling alerts using user-friendly If/Then statements or analytics data driven.




Our parent company, K-One Technology Bhd is an innovator, designer, developer and manufacturer of IoT devices, consumer technology products and healthcare/medical devices.

We are now building a platform, Kiasulab, a community for tech entrepreneurs to work together so that we can share knowledge, expertise, vision, skills and last but not least, gain inspiration. We will be partnering Autodesk to provide you a compilation of intuitive product design tools to build your dreams.  We also wish to introduce you to our KiasuLab-Member Collaboration Program, which is a start-up ecosystem for selected members, to accelerate your product commercialisation and to realise your business’s full potential.


primesap inc.


Life Trac - Our kinetical motion analysis solution can track whole body motion with IMU devices, and our motion analytic AI engine can estimate whole body motion with a few IMU devices. Our solution can monitor human’s body motion remotely just with a few sensors. 
For elder care;
1) Remote nursing with life time posture logging
2) Smart rescuer with pre-screening issues
3) Remote rehabilitation with auto logging of every progress
4) Big data building which can be beneficial for designing autonomous nursing and rehabilitation.

Live Trac - For athlete training, since the technology can measure precise body motion with high performance IMU, and track in field motion with one or two long life sensor units, it is beneficial on;
1) more detailed analysis with more data from high performance IMU
2) in-play detailed motion data which is not available today
3) Feedback from big data, which will help athletes and team improve performance with less injury risk.




CAISER™ (Computer Assisted Intelligent Event Processor) is a Complex Event Processing System (CEP) platform that can be used to create intelligent system for engineering & scientific based application. It is designed to manage and process hundreds of events, alarms and notifications in a wide range of sectors. CAISER™ receives raw events notification from Event Producers (CCTV System, sensors, social messaging and SMS) via various Communication Channel (Email/ SMS/ Telegram / TCP/ DCOM).

There are 4 categories of CAISER™ adapters includes:

  1. Event Generator Adapter: Intelligent Video Surveillance System, Data Acquisition, Remote Terminal Unit, OPC
  2. Communication Channel Adapter: Telegram, Jabber; SMS, Email, TCP/IP, DCOM & Web Service via CAISER™ Cloud (IoT). 
  3. Event Consumer Adapter: Enable user notification of the detected events by CAISER™.
  4. Event Action Adapter: Execute mitigation action through physical towards the detected events. For example, surveillance robot, remote terminal unit adapter.

CAISER™ also won the New Innovator Entrepreneur Award in conjunction with Malaysian Commercialization Year 2016.



Ifcon Technology Sdn Bhd



Ptero is a prototype of commercial drone built by Ifcon Technology throughout their experiences while providing services in Malaysia. Ptero is designed to extremely easy-to-use and highly autonomous fixed wing drone built in first class materials for agricultural scouting, mapping and surveying. The aircraft is made from the best foam, which makes it the most robust UAV on the market. The Ptero is a completely autonomous system. Once the mission planning is completed the aircraft is hand launched and will carry out the mission and return to base where it lands vertically (deep stall) with high precision.



Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd


rero is an educational robot kit designed for students to learn robotics and coding. It is suitable to be used in the classroom as well as in the comfort of your own room. Its modular design allows students to build at any configuration they want in the blink of an eye. With this feature, it can nurture children’s hands-on skills and creative thinking while building the robot.
rero is programmable. Students can easily program different movements to their robots using the proprietary rero software that is easy to learn and user friendly. Students will be able to make the robot react differently to environmental changes. This promotes logical thinking and creativity while having fun building the robot.
rero comes with various structured curriculum to assist teachers and instructors to carry out robotics classes for their students.



Carl Zeiss


ZEISS VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headset

The all new ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset works with your smartphone to give you access to immersive 3D videos, games, and augmented reality. Just slip your smartphone into the custom-made tray, insert the tray into the VR One Plus, and you're ready to go. The VR One Plus can be worn with eyeglasses as well. Ventilation ports are built into the headset to prevent fogging, and openings in the smartphone tray allow you to hear your smartphone's audio clearly.



OMRON Electronics Sdn Bhd

OMRON Adept Lynx Courier
The Adept Lynx Courier combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle with a container configured to securely transport goods and materials. The integrated safety systems are designed such that it can move easily through congested work environments to its destination operating safely alongside people. 
The on-board intelligence of the vehicle eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as tracks, reflectors or magnets. Users can either use a simple push-button panel to dispatch the Courier or a wireless button to call it to its next destination. It can also be configured to receive commands from an enterprise workflow system and operate as part of a fleet of Lynx vehicles.
The Lynx Courier dramatically reduces manual transport tasks, shortens turnaround time, enables 'lean' workflow processes and increases operational efficiency by re-deploying personnel to higher value-added tasks.


University Putra Malaysia (UPM)


This invention relates to a system and a method for heart and public health caring; it consists of two parts working together to achieve this aim. The first part is the detection and classification of fats from different fat origins such as plant or animal fat.  This is particularly important to consumers whose diet is vegetarian or holds to religious beliefs like Islam or Judaism. The second part is electrocardiogram (ECG) capturing device for heart problem detection and classification such as myocardial infarction which leads to a heart attack. It is important to identify the fat source and monitor the heart activity to prevent serious life-threatening problems. Advantageously, the system and method of the present invention are beneficial for public health care institutions, food process manufacturers, clinics, and first level home screening as well.  



EasyStudio provides Photography Lightboxes with multiple built-in cameras and LEDs to make product photography much easier for Ecommerce sellers. Just like the tagline "Photography Made Easy", we aim to help small business owners to simplify everything and make professional product photography possible for everyone, without having to invest heavily on photography equipment.


Monji Global Enterprise

Interactive Recycling Machine - A modern alternative to the traditional recycling bin that maximizes efficiency of residential and commercial disposal in the 21st century. It has an automated sorting mechanism that segregates recycle items based on their material such as aluminum or plastic. The machine also has an interactive feature such as a mini game that will trigger after recycling which engages with the users.


Reka Axis LLP


CRETA is our Self Driving Car that we have built to fit into most cars. It is actually a gear or extension for cars to be fitted with cameras and motors for controlling the pedals and steering wheel converting an old car into an autonomous car. A camera is used as a sensor to view the condition of the road by using video processing. An A.I. will decide what course of action need to be taken and sends commands to our IoT Board, RIG, to control the steering wheel and pedal.



P2 Digital 



FingerFlex is a fingerprint biometric time attendance system and a perfect add-on to your current human resource management helping you to automate data collection and process timesheets faster, designed specifically for the Malaysian market.

FingerFlex TimeKeeper focuses on online time attendancce, leave management & payroll systems designed for small to medium sized businesses. It takes workforce management to autopilot with various functions that simplify administrative tasks and improve organisational workflow. TimeKeeper does not require any additional software installation and can be used across computing platforms and operating systems.






TrackerHero is an integrated advanced security & building management IoT platform for both commercial and residential estates. TrackerHero's live dashboard enables all users to track, manage & plan with a click of a button. The various platforms are merged into a single, easy-to-use platform with a suite of security guard and visitor management, resident management modules as well as automated financial-management solutions. TrackerHero is leading the way towards a safer community, better management & seamless integration with all Smart City initiatives. 



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